From coal to ??

How does a country that has one of the biggest reserves of coal in the world make a transition to green energy?

Hazelwood coal fired powerplant – the largest in the southern hemisphere

This is the great debate for two days at the Community Congress in Melbourne.

I have now been visiting, making contacts and workshops in 9 different communities in 2 Australian states Victoria and South Australia. It has been a very nice experience and I have met both worried and interested people who are working hard to make change.
But what does it take to be successful and actually accomplish what you are aiming at.
I was asked to host a workshop for as an outsider to inspire and share the experiences from Samso and from my home nation Denmark.
I tried to use the Samso Energy Academy new tool we call the Pioneer  guide . I was very useful to have the framing of the guide to stress the importance of planning and to be structures and disciplined in the work.
People appreciated the methodology and I certainly liked the engagement from the participants. A learning experience for me too!

LaTrobe people working






















In Melbourne I meet many of the local people again. They travel long distance to attend the second Community Conference where they share the vision about a sustainable future with out coal. They use open space technology and they harvest and condense the findings in a constructive way. I find this very productive and useful and good to bring home to any community

Open space














I am together with Tetsu and Shota from ISEP Japan. We are all together with Taryn Lane from Hepburn Wind and C4Ce – the other partners are Sustainable Molokai in Hawaii and Island Institute in Maine.
The purpose of the project is to share whats happening – just like the conference here in Melbourne and see if we can inspire all of us to work better and even more successful for the development of sustainable local communities.The Community Conference is a melting pot of people meeting to share the transition to a sustainable future.

Chief Gordon from Canada and young guys from the Aboriginal first nations in Australia

The project is supported from the Danish International KR Foundation, chaired by Connie Heedegaard, former energy minister and EU climate commissionary.



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