Engineer Michael Kristensen from Samsø Energy Academy and Samsø Municipality explains why a heat pump is a good investment:

1: Synergy: In the coming years, society is gearing up to phase out the use of fossil fuels, while the surplus heat from for example heat pumps is increasingly connected to the system for the benefit of others. New homes are not allowed to use oil furnaces, while the development of the sustainable energy sector is thriving. In other words, heat pumps along with other forms of green energy are the future, and will become increasingly cheaper, while fossil fuel sources will only become more expensive.

2: Fewer expenses: An oil furnace costs between 40-50,000 kr. (€5,400-6,700). While a heat pump is more expensive to buy, it is much cheaper to operate and has a life span of 20-30 years. On top of this, unlike an oil furnace, the heat pump does not require chimney sweeps or an annual costly inspection.

3: You save significantly more money on your heating bill: The savings are usually estimated between 30-50% on heating compared to an oil furnace, especially if the oil furnace is an older model. It’s frequently said that for every 1 kWh you invest in the heat pump, you get 4 kWh of heat.

4: You will have an easier time borrowing from the bank: Most banks can see the point of installing a less expensive heating system. If you borrow money for a heat pump, you should devise a budget demonstrating the significant savings accrued with such a system. Your installer/plumber can assist you.

5: Increased equity and a house that’s easier to sell: A heat pump provides an improvement on your house’s energy certification in one step, increasing the value of the house and making it easier to sell. In rural areas especially, homes tend to have oil furnaces which need replacing, and a new heating system will give a house a functional boost that will increase its value.

6: You get an overview of your energy consumption and needs: Before you decide whether or not to install a heat pump, it’s a good idea to investigate your family’s energy needs, habits and behaviour at home. Make a simple budget that shows the consumption of electricity, water and heat, and see if there are additional ways to save energy. It will pay off and give you extra money in your pocket on an annual basis, and will also show the bank that you can save up if necessary.

Remember: How effective a heat pump works for you depends on your home. If your house is modern and well insulated, a heat pump is an obvious choice. While an older house with small radiators and a single line system will probably require more insulation and thorough modernisation before the change is made. Also, take a look at your consumption, because the heat pumps are available in different strengths to match your everyday needs.
See more at www.energiakademiet.dk og www.energitjenesten.dk

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