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The Energy Academy is located on Samsø and has seven employees who live on the island and two who live on the Danish mainland.

The Academy’s work presents a holistic model of community development in terms of the use and consumption of resources worldwide. We advise and inform with regard to: 1. Energy adjustments and optimization; 2. Innovation within sustainable technology and behaviour; 3. Education and capacity building.

Renewable energy and sustainability are not easy to illustrate via pictures, photographs or illustrations. That is why we have gone out of our way to encourage and inspire via art – because we trust that our readers know very well what a wind turbine or heat pump looks like. For example, when we explore the meaning of the word “resilience,” dare we use images of the American painter, Mark Rothko, from his series, “Break Into the Light”? Similarly, Edvard Munchs painting “The Scream” might not be out of place in articles we write about climate change.

That is why we’ve disrupted the current logic of editorial pictures, trusting that you as the reader have the ability to see images as another means to approach topics about sustainability and renewable energy in addition to the scientific and logical approaches.

Malene Lundén

  1. Include the name of the person who created the image
  2. Mention in which period of the image blog’s almanac you would like the picture included
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and we will contact you. Please include your country code.

We’ve formulated five criteria:

Here you can see our almanac:

  1. The images must contain something that amazes or provokes the viewer, and does not necessarily have to support the text, yet should follow the image blogs’s almanac.
  2. There is a visual strategy which is divided into an almanac.
  3. The image must have a minimum size of 20 x 20 cm
  4. The images are a contribution to the blog and may be used by all.
  5. The images can be nominated by and exhibited at Samsø Energy Academy.

1.1-1.4     2017 “Which colour is the Samaritan of colours?”

1.4-1.7     2017 “Why is grey scale far more crucial than and black and white?”

1.7-11.10 2017 “Abstract minimalism”

1.10-1.1   2017 “Objects that are far removed from reality”

We look forward to seeing your creative contributions to our blog!

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