Living pictures and real stories from Samsø Energy Academy

-by Malene Lunden

On this blog, everything is down to earth and immersive. For this reason, sound and lighting and everything else in between is a challenge. My wish for you the reader is to be thrown into the diverse, exciting situations and challenges we experience on Samsø right alongside our staff.

What does it mean to work on an island? And what does it mean that each year 5,000 guests visit Samsø to learn about how united the islanders are in their desire and will become independent of fossil fuels by 2030?

Sustainable conversion is an essential process in which we all need to participate. With a potential global temperature rise of nearly 3 degrees Celsius or more, we are facing instability and consequences, the full power of which we do not yet know.
This is why our goal is to foster conscious communication that is positive and not based on scenarios of fear or negative statements such as “It can’t be done.” We would rather quietly share with you what we have done on Samsø and at the island’s Energy Academy.

These vivid images and stories will give you a sense of who we are and show you the different kinds of people who are working to make positive change in the world.

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